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If you are new to the DXE, we recommend reviewing the DXE Q&A section below. Also, please take a look at the current DXE for design ideas  ( Photographers / Illustrators ).

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DXE Quick Start

What’s new with DXE?

The DXE will be tightly integrated into your Workbook portfolio. We will use the portfolio’s contact details, and upgrade the DXE viewer in your portfolio. There will be an upgraded DXE search function, improved keyword integration, performance enhanced DXE scrolling feed, and animated thumbnails. You will be able to use your DXE screen as your portfolio opening page, and use your DXE thumbnail as your portfolio “hero” thumbnail.

This tighter integration means we are simplifying last year’s contact detail panel, and making it more streamlined. It will include your name, representative name, website URL, your social icons and a link to your Workbook portfolio. If you want your phone number, email address or logo/branding to appear, please include it on your slides.

Layout Options

You can view sample DXE layout options here: https://dxe3.workbook.com/dxe-sample-screen-still-images/

Technical Specs for Building Your Screen

• Accepted still image file formats: JPG, PNG, GIF or animated GIF.
• Accepted motion formats include: MP4, YouTube embed or Vimeo embed.
• The size of the DXE screen remains 2100px wide by 1350px tall.

Download tech specs (PDF): https://workbook.page.link/dxe-45-specs

Photoshop & Illustrator Starter Files

These blank files have the proper size and layers to get you started designing your screen.

Photoshop DXE Starter File
Illustrator DXE Starter File


What is the DXE?

The DXE provides an integrated way for you to showcase your work with stills & video.

We recommend looking at last year’s DXE to understand how the product works. Each artist has a “screen”, which consists of 3 (or more) “slides”. Each slide can contain images, videos, text, branding, etc. The components of the slide can be animated for presentation.

How do I design my screen?

You have two options for designing your screen. You can create a layered PSD or AI file. You’ll upload this file and we will dissect it to create your screen. The second option is to pick a layout for each slide (for instance, a full screen image, 2 images side-by-side, 2 by 2 grid, etc.), then upload the assets into the desired positions. You can then specify spacing, background colors, and any animation preferences you have. See the templates here: https://submissions.workbook.com/dxe-sample-screen-still-images/

What about my contact info & socials?

We will be using the contact details provided in your current Online Portfolio, displaying them with your screen. Additionally, you can add links and contact info within the slides of your DXE screen, though it’s not necessary.

What if I’m part of a representative group?

Please check with your rep. We work closely with each group and often process individual artist screens together according to a set design.

How do I get started?

You can download starter PSD and AI files today (links above) and start designing your screen. For the templated layout option, we recommend viewing the sample screen and then diving in!

When can I submit my design?

Submissions are being accepted today. Log in or register (upper right column) to begin the submission process.

I need help!

We are here! Send an email to production@workbook.com and we’ll get back to you.

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